New patented non-glare lamps are launched  2014-04-23


Consistently delving into LED lightings, the company has developed a revolutionary product AR111 13W Reality® utilizing precise secondary optical lens plus light reflector technology to achieve its extreme lumen output from the LED light source, Thanks to Goldyear’s patented thermal dissipation technology and patented construction design, the AR111 13W Reality® maintain the same size as traditional halogen AR111 lamps and can deliver thermal control for optimal performance without the use of large heat-sink, preventing the LED arrays and other components from deterioration. The special designed optical system gives beautiful even light beam: no rings or botches, which makes the light performance “just like a halogen”. By using the same patented construction design, Goldyear has developed a series of non-glare lamps such as small size of MR16 and GU10 for exactly the retrofit use, 8W AR70, high power PAR lamp, and different size of down light. If you’d like to get more information about the patented non-glare products, please kindly contact us soon.

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